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Join Lax County, USA to help build & develop the game of lacrosse in your area, while supporting a Lax City, USA partner. Become a member county of this grassroots effort to promote youth lacrosse and break the barriers of entry. Help build an inclusive lacrosse community by participating in the following fun & instructive fund raising programs.



We have partnered with First Steps Lacrosse to help achieve our mission. First Steps Lacrosse is a unique childhood physical fitness program which uses movements and skills from the game of lacrosse to develop Physical Literacy in young children (ages 2-6). 

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LAX COUNTY, USA has partnered with Speed Lacrosse to break the barriers of entry to the game of lacrosse. Speed Lacrosse is a unique game specifically intended to introduce the sport to new players and increase engagement in fun and competitive ways. Each 3 v 3 co-ed match features continuous action that aids in the development of stick skills, fitness, foot speed, communication & field IQ. There is no mandated equipment except for a regulation stick and mouth guard.


LAX COUNTY, USA will feature a Community Outreach Classified Ads (swap site). will offer members an opportunity to buy, sell and trade new and used lacrosse gear. Along with selling & trading items they no longer need, members will also find deals and discounts on new equipment from our sponsors. Members can also donate equipment (new & used) to players and programs in need through the re-laxin program. This program will help eliminate the barrier of the expense to play and is a great recycling program that helps others. 

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