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Speed Lacrosse is a pioneering new sport that helps break the barriers of entry* to the game of lacrosse.


Speed's "1/2 x 10" Philosophy (10 times the touches in half the time) and the Design of the game are specifically intended to


  • Introduce the sport to new players 

  • Increase engagement in fun, safe, and competitive ways. 

  • Feature continuous action with 3 v 3 co-ed match

  • Aid in the development of stick skills, fitness, foot speed, communication & field IQ.

  • Reduce barriers of entry to the game of Lacrosse *

  • Be affordable (minimal equipment - regulation stick and mouth guard)

  • Have FUN !

speed players.jpg

* Breaking the Barriers of Entry: 

Our main goal is to break the barriers of entry (expense, availability to beginners, fear of incompetence, fear of contact) to the game of lacrosse to encourage the participation by everyone. 

  • Expense: Speed & First Steps Lacrosse requires minimum equipment to get started

  • Availability to Beginners: Speed & First Steps Lacrosse are designed for beginner players to give lacrosse a try. 

  • Fear of Incompetence: Speed & First Steps Lacrosse offers an environment where it is okay to make a mistake and playing with others of similar abilities helps eliminate fear.

  • Fear of Injury: Speed & First Steps Lacrosse are no contact which lessens the chance of injury. It allows individuals to focus on stick skills and fundamentals.

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